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China to Build 23.8% of the World’s Automobiles in 2013

The Chinese automotive industry is on a bit of a tour-de-force, at the moment, and with a projected growth of around 10% in 2013, they don’t show any signs of stopping any time soon.
Volkswagen Santana 1 photo
Now, according to the Financial Times, it has become clear that China will surpass Europe, in terms of automotive production, by the end of the year, with a projected total output figure of 19.6-million cars. That equates to 1.3-million more than the 18.3-million cars which are projected to be built on the Old Continent, this year.

Europe is also getting an extra boost in the total production figures, thanks to Russia and Turkey, which help push the contient’s entire contribution to the worldwide new car market up to 20%.

However, keep in mind that that the percentage was 35% in 2001, and a whopping 50% back in 1970. China is set to build 23.8% of the world’s cars, in 2013, which now equates to ten times their output in the year 2000.


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