Child Abduction Is Easy If You Have a "Bumblebee" Chevy Camaro

2016 Chevrolet Camaro 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Social experiments are YouTube's way of shaming a particular demographic. However, this one teaches a very important lesson which may one day save a child's life. Before we say anything about the video, we want to point out that a light-skinned black male in his 30s actually tried to kidnap kids in a Camaro in Hamtramck (Detroit) just four days earlier.
The thought of their children going off with a complete stranger is any parent's worst nightmare. It's a scenario all try to avoid by talking to their young ones, but the social experiment you are about to watch proves it may not be effective.

Watching her three kids getting into the Camaro must have been heartbreaking for the mother at the beginning of the video. She thinks that her two older daughters know better, but she's wrong, as they get in the car with a total stranger, dragging their baby brother along as well.

This is the visual power a car like the Chevy Camaro has. After being featured in multiple Transformers movies, kids just can't resist what they believe is a hero vehicle/robot that they believe is a symbol of good. However, there are all kinds of freaks out there. In the Hamtramck incident we mentioned at the beginning of the story, the perpetrator tried luring the kids with candy. However, the ones in this video don't even need that kind of persuasion.

It seems unfair that the mother scolds the little boy, even though all he did was follow his older sisters. It's one of those Adam and Eve scenarios where the women are more easily tempted. However, we think the mother is starting with her youngest because he's never been told about this kind of danger and needs more time to understand.

The social experiment performed by Joey Salads is a hard pill to swallow. As the parents looked on from a distance, two-thirds of the kids got in the car. Obviously, they were returned unharmed, but in a real child abduction, that would not be the case. The two boys in the last experiment are old enough to know this is a Camaro, not a "Bumblebee," yet they still get in the car. Heck, it's not even a V8 model!

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