Chicken Tenders Spill From Wrecked 18-Wheeler, People Try to Eat Them

An entire road covered in chicken tenders could be any fast food lover’s dream come true, but eating them off the ground is not worth the risks.
18-wheeler crashes in Alabama, spills chicken tenders on the road 5 photos
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An 18-wheeler crashed and flipped on a highway in Cherokee County in Alabama, near the Georgia line, and its entire load of chicken tenders spilled on the road. This created a double hazard because motorists would stop to pick them up, thus impeding traffic and putting their health at risk.

To prevent dangerous behavior of this type, the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency had to take to social media to warn drivers to go round the scene of the crash and let the clean-up crews do their business. They didn’t say what caused the crash, but they were pretty clear in their warning: leave the food on the ground, or else.

“The Cherokee County Sheriff's Office is asking that no one try to stop to get the chicken tenders that were spilled from the 18 wheeler accident last night on Highway 35. You're creating a traffic hazard! It's a crime to impede the flow of traffic,” one of the posts on the official Facebook page reads.

“Those cases have been on the ground for over 24 hours and are unsafe to consume. Anyone who is caught could be facing charges,” the post adds.

Initial estimates noted that the clean-up operation would take only a couple of hours, 3 tops. The updates from the Agency indicate that it took longer, because “it took coordination” to make it happen in a way that was safe to all traffic participants.

However, because of the strange nature of the incident, the story went viral, prompting funny puns like “chicken tender fender bender” and a riff on Oprah’s famous “You get a car! And you get a car! Everybody gets a car!,” where “car” was replaced with “Salmonella.” Fitting, but still hilarious.


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