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Chevy Silverado "Forward Control" Truck Redesign Looks Weirdly Practical

"Why would Chevy ever need to make a Cabover truck when the Silverado looks great as it is?" we hear you say. Well, as this interesting digital creation proves, if you push the passengers forward, you can either decrease the footprint of a vehicle or make it more practical.
Chevy Silverado "Forward Control" Truck Redesign Looks Weirdly Practical 2 photos
Chevy Silverado "Forward Control" Truck Redesign Looks Weirdly Practical
This happens a lot with regular cars. If you see a model that's the same size as the predecessor but has more legroom, that's usually what they did - moved the occupants forward a little. Of course, not every car is a Tesla, with a lot of room left at the front. But if you think about it, a four-cylinder turbo should be enough to move your average work vehicle, payload included.

The setup can be seen in utility vehicles from countries where space is at a premium, especially in Asia. Think back to the last truck crash in China you saw - did it have a long nose or not? Americans aren't strangers to this configuration either. Of course, Jeep's old Forward Control models probably inspired wb.artist20 to make this rendering. However, if you check out this 1950 Chevrolet COE, you'll remember that it's not exactly an abnormal configuration.

The very things that make trucks so cool are also their biggest flaws. With tall tires and a lifted suspension, some of the big boys won't fit inside garages or parking spots. And if you think about it, if practicality is your thing, those five feet of hood and bumper in front of you might be in the way.

But getting back to the rendering at hand, we find that it gives off completely different vibes from a normal Silverado. The gigantic cab leads to a rounded passenger area, so it's quite futuristic in the same way as Ford’s Explorer mid-engine SUV concept back in 1973.


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