Chevy Corvette C7 Turned Dragster Has 4000 BHP+, That's Four Veyrons Combined

Corvette C7 Dragster 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Mankind's need for speed is a concept nobody will ever stop, and as long as people will have the technological means, cars will get faster and more powerful.
We have to mention the Bugatti Veyron, seen by many as a supercar killer and road-opener for today's hypercars. In case you're raising your eyebrow and asking why on Earth are we talking about the Veyron in an article about a Chevy Corvette C7, allow us to make amends and say its has a lot to do with the dragster's power.

The Corvette C7 you're about to see in the video below is not what you usually find in your dealer's showroom. I mean, it's not even something you see coming out of a tuning shop since tuners haven't made it past the 1000 horsepower mark just yet with the Corvette C7. But that doesn't prevent it from packing over 4000 horsepower, so yeah, you have every right to be amazed.

In any case, let's focus on this drag strip Hulk. It runs the eighth-mile in 3.89 seconds and by the time it crosses the finish line, the dragster's trap speed reaches 204.45 miles per hour. That's 329 km/h if you're reading this from the other side of the pond.

Of course, such figures make an improper use of the phrase "Corvette C7 dragster" because the only thing resembling the standard 'Vette is the sportscar's face.

Before watching the video, allow us to add the clip was not manipulated in any way, so when the dragster blasts from a standstill, please remember that's how fast it is, because the images were shot at regular, real-life speed.

These also an onboard camera that allows us to see what's happening inside the cabin once the driver hits the gas pedal. From where we're standing, it looks like his job is to keep a massive earthquake under control. See it for yourselves below:

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