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Chevy Colorado "The Liquidator" Is a Low-Riding Race Truck

The Chevy Colorado is a very sensible little truck, lacking any of the luxury and power of its bigger brothers. But once in a while, we like to see a workhorse being rewarded with a full racing treatment.
Chevy Colorado "The Liquidator" Is a Low-Riding Race Truck 3 photos
Chevy Colorado "The Liquidator" Is a Low-Riding Race TruckChevy Colorado "The Liquidator" Is a Low-Riding Race Truck
This rendering looks like something out of a 1980s television show where the plucky underdog truck is heavily modified by a tight-knit and highly skilled crew. Thus, it goes from work vehicle to a truck that teaches those plucky Camaros a thing or two. Basically, that's Grease set in another era.

The rendering artist Rostislav Prokop is perhaps better known for his muscle cars, both modern and classic. But he couldn't resist slamming the Colorado to the ground. It's really amazing how much attention this model is getting towards the end of its life.

We've seen other low-riding pickup renderings, and most of them have a drift-ready look. However, this is more streamlined, like a dragster or some old Nascar metal. It's obviously got a widebody kit; no self-respecting rendering goes without one. But also, we notice a lot of aero in the form of skirts, chin spoilers, and a diffuser.

From the back, the Colorado starts looking like a big wedge, sporting an aerodynamic cover for the bed and some killer louvers. A quad stainless exhaust system is not something you see often on this truck, and in combination with the power dome, it lets you know some magic is happening under the hood. Right now, we can't help thinking about the 700 horsepower Chevy truck with the supercharged Cadillac V6 or Lingenfelter's modified ZR2.

The racing suspension and wider tracks give way to some sporty-looking alloy wheels, which look like Vossen's. Sticky rubber is almost touching those flared fenders. Strange as it might seem, low-riding Colorados on slicks have been built to race, and not just in America.


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