Chevy Chevelle SS Mid-Sizer Virtually Returns From the Nether Sporting Camaro DNA

Back in the late 1960s and most of the 1970s, the Chevrolet Chevelle mid-size nameplate was one of the most successful series for the American automaker.
Chevy Chevelle SS Camaro rendering by jlord8 10 photos
Photo: jlord8 / Instagram
Chevy Chevelle SS Camaro rendering by jlord8Chevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet Camaro
Despite its popularity and appurtenance to the renowned A-body platform, which allowed for significant cost cuts and economies of scale as the underpinnings were shared with the Oldsmobile Cutlass, Buick Skylark, or Pontiac Tempest, the Chevelle lasted only three generations. It had sedan, convertible, or station wagon body styles – but, of course, the most famous of them all was the coupe, especially in 'SS' (Super Sport) form.

Interestingly, Chevy's Chevelle spawned all sorts of variations of itself – including the famous reintroduction of the El Camino coupe utility as part of the Chevelle family in 1964. The G-body Monte Carlo also relied on a modified Chevelle platform, and during the late 1970s, the top-of-the-line Malibu eventually took over and completely replaced the nameplate.

Still, even to this day, the Chevrolet Chevelle is a darling of old-school GM fans – so it's best not to mess with the model, or you'll be unceremoniously thrown out the door. Well, that happens in real life – but across the parallel universes of vehicular CGI, it's a bit easier to play with the feelings of devoted enthusiasts and hope to get away with it.

Here, let us discuss an eloquent example from the imaginative realm of digital car content creators. Jim, the virtual artist known as jlord8 on social media, continues to pendulate between resurrecting departed nameplates and old-school car CGI. He recently brought back to digital life the Chevy Lumina RS based on the Audi S8 and Chevy Equinox (!) or performed a 454 SS trick on the little Geo Storm. Oh, and not to mention his remarkable series of the revived Lincoln Town Car, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Ford Crown Vic – all based on the Bentley Flying Spur.

Anyway, at least now he is keeping everything inside the GM family. So, he knows that a digital project like this might cause a ruckus, but of course, he can't stop letting his imagination loose, and now we are staring (happily or incredulously, depending on your POV) at the sixth-gen Chevy Camaro modified to become a larger coupe of the Chevy Chevelle SS variety.

Some of the fans also dubbed it as the 'Camaro XL' while others asked for additional 1970s styling – so, in general, the reactions were not as outraged as the author initially expected. Of course, that doesn't mean we will ever see something like this in the natural world – Chevrolet is well on its way toward ceasing production of the 2024 Camaro next January, and they don't have a successor immediately planned, unfortunately.
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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Chevrolet Camaro.

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