Chevrolet Recalling Over 400,000 Cruzes Due to Fire Hazard

The Chevrolet Cruze is being recalled due to an issue which may create a fire hazard. It is caused by a large plastic engine shield which could trap oil, and as the engine is then run up to temperature, the trapped oil could catch fire.
Chevy Cruze 1 photo
Another issue present on the Chevy Cruze fitted with a manual gearbox can occur if the car is driven with a worn clutch, which would cause hydraulic fluid to spurt out of the clutch assembly and ignite the aforementioned plastic engine shield. If you though that was enough, well, it isn’t as, reportedly, some 250 cars apparently have incomplete welds - yes, you read that right, incomplete welds. This shocking piece of information just goes to show how much care and attention goes into the manufacturing of GM products.

The recall affects all Cruzes ever built in the US, totaling 413,418 units, and owners’ notifications will begin on July 11th. It’s sad to see that GM’s current best selling car has so many problems and it further dents the American giant’s public credibility, considering the fact that this is not the first recall of the car.

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