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Chevrolet Chevelle SS "Big Daddy" Shows Massive Widebody

The line between real and virtual builds is getting thinner and thinner each year. And the rendering we have here, built around a Chevrolet Chevelle, is one of the works that contribute to the process.
Chevrolet Chevelle SS "Wide Boy" rendering 6 photos
Chevrolet Chevelle SS "Wide Boy" renderingChevrolet Chevelle SS "Wide Boy" renderingChevrolet Chevelle SS "Wide Boy" renderingChevrolet Chevelle SS "Wide Boy" renderingChevrolet Chevelle SS "Wide Boy" rendering
The pixel portrait that now sits on our screens, which we gifted with the nickname in the title, was completed for the owner of an actual 1967 Chevelle. And it looks like we're dealing with more than just a dream.

To be more precise, Yasid Oozeear, the digital artist responsible for the work, tagged the muscle car driver in the Instagram post below. The latter's name is Cesar Tenorio, and judging by the description of the post, it looks like the enthusiast is still working on the Chevy, so we can't wait to check out the finished build.

Meanwhile, we can zoom in on this digital proposal, which only looks tame if we compare it to some of the said artist's previous work on the American icon, which we discussed last month. Note that both pixel projects are based on the first generation of the Chevelle, which means the underdog card is being played here. As those who know their muscle machines will tell you, most gearheads seem to go for the second-gen Chevelle that arrived for the 1968 model year.

Regardless, the elongated vents of the hood draw plenty of attention and, given the meaty overfenders fitted to the Chevy, this is no small feat; since there are no side skirt extensions, the latter stand out even more.

Sure, the steel bumpers are still present, but the front end of the car now features a generously-sized splitter, with the air intakes on the sides looking menacing.

We can't check out the cabin of the Chevrolet Chevelle in detail, and yet the yellow roll cage that now adorns the interior makes for an eye-catching addition while serving its obvious safety purpose.


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