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Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Gets Liquid Metal US Flag Wrap, Looks Like a Superhero

A few years ago, when liquid wraps had started gaining traction, certain aficionados expected classic second skin jobs to enter a descending trend. As it turns out, the vinyl side of the wrap industry has reinvented itself, all with the help of stunning designs.
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Gets Liquid Metal US Flag Wrap 1 photo
And we're here to bring you the freshest example of this, which comes from a freaking 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

As if this 650-pony machine wasn't enough of an American symbol, the thing now serves as a liquid metal representation of the US flag. And while we only have just one photo of the devil, we at least get the time to zoom in on its details - we're imagining the thing won't sit still for too long once it's out on the street.

Note that the attention to detail is exquisite - it's enough to check out the faux rivets adorning the edges of the hood and the front splitter to figure this out.

The design of the wrap comes from digital artist Scott Kepple (give this man a pixel cocktail, or whatever graphic designers enjoy). In fact, we've featured his second skip designs on multiple occasions, with these covering a wide range of go-fast machines.

Even though we're talking muscle madness here, we have to admit that his Porsche wraps are our favorite. Here are two examples that might convince you to jump aboard the Zuffenhausen ship, if you hadn't already done so.

Perhaps we must also list a reason for which this Camaro isn't all that awesome. After giving this thought a little time, we could only come up with the idea that one might enjoy his or her muscle cars in colors.

Then again, the lack of vivid hues on the body of the ZL1 we have here shouldn't be an issue. After all, it's enough to act like a welder behind the wheel for a few seconds for this muscle monster to erupt and your life will be as colorful as possible.


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