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Chevrolet Camaro Virtually Morphs Into an Electric Wagon, Should Dodge Worry?

It’s a delicate time for some of the most iconic vehicles out there with the ICE ban cloud hovering above them, and after seeing an unofficial take on the electric Dodge Challenger yesterday, it’s now time to see what a hypothetical zero-emission variant of the Chevrolet Camaro might look like, with a family twist.
Chevrolet Camaro Electric Wagon - Rendering 6 photos
Chevrolet Camaro Electric Wagon - RenderingChevrolet CamaroChevrolet CamaroChevrolet BlazerChevrolet Blazer
Fueled by the rumor that the bowtie brand’s next-generation muscle car will supposedly turn into an electric sedan, jlord8 on Instagram rearranged the pixels of the current one, turning it into a veritable wagon.

Does it look futuristic, up front at least? Well, it has the Chevrolet Blazer to thank for that face, as it was the crossover that served as an inspiration for it. It has slim lighting units linked together by a thin strip that is separated in the middle by the corporate logo in black, aggressive trim for the closed-off grille, a big central air intake in the bumper, and an apron.

The hood looks more muscular too, and the shape of the fenders and roof, lines running across its sides, and even the angle of the windscreen are identical to those of the current Camaro. Behind the B pillars, the car is completely different. It has a much longer roofline ending with a spoiler, rear doors, rear side and three-quarter windows, and new rear fenders.

Boasting room for up to five adults, unless there is an imaginary three-row variant as well, this take on the Chevy Camaro sports a big luggage area and looks like an interesting proposal in the EV segment that is getting more crowded with each new model launch. Sure, it does need some tweaks here and there to become a bit more appealing, but still, would you consider buying it if the company decided to launch it in this exact form?


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