Chevrolet Camaro "Banana Edition" Looks Like a Budget Bumblebee

The modern Chevrolet Camaro range involves more than one choice that isn't a V8, but could you think of a Bumblebee Camaro without eight cylinders of fury? Well, perhaps the rendering we have here can provide an answer.
Chevrolet Camaro "Banana Edition" rendering 4 photos
Chevrolet Camaro "Banana Edition" renderingChevrolet Camaro "Banana Edition" renderingChevrolet Camaro "Banana Edition" rendering
As Yasid Oozeear, the digital artist behind the work, explains, this pixel portrait has been done for a customer, at least in its colorless form. So perhaps the image is linked to a real-world build, with or without the reference to the famous yellow Transformers character.

In fact, here's how the artist approached the matter in the first Instagram post below: "What would you personally change on this design, and what kind of color finish would you think would be more fitting for that style?"

The Photoshop master returned to the adventure via the second post below, which showcases the "Banana Edition" from the main photo of our article.

It's worth mentioning that, as the artist states, the rendering is based on a 3LT trim, which means this imaginary Camaro is either powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit or a naturally aspirated 3.6-liter V6. This might keep the costs in check by skipping the V8, but it's still the top equipment level for said motors.

Regardless, the digital work introduces a host of extreme aero bits. It all starts up front with the massive splitter and the canards on the sides of the apron. The design of these elements is matched by the meaty side skirt extensions, but we can't overlook the muscular overfenders.

The latter are filled by multi-spoke wheels with generous, shiny lips, with the microscopic wheel gap and ground clearance indicating that we're dealing with air suspension.

The aero bits on the side of the rear overfenders make for an unusual addition, and while we can't say the same about the rear diffuser, this certainly deserves credit for the transformation of the machine.

And with the absence of a rear wing, some of the lines of this Camaro Convertible remain untouched.


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