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Chevrolet Calls Out Distracted Drivers With Voices of Loved Ones

Distracted driving has become in recent years a plague more severe than DUI. To blame for that are the advancements in mobile technology, the human addiction to it and an apparent lack of self-control that prevents drivers from paying attention to the act of actual driving while behind the wheel.
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Chevrolet cites a Research Now survey that says 90 percent of all drivers have engaged in distracted driving, despite the fact that most of them are aware of the fact that it is a dangerous practice.

There’s little chance that people will give up their smartphones in the near future. On a backdrop of more and more apps and features intended to limit the time people spend gazing at their phones, Chevrolet announced it launch a safety-oriented app of its own.

The Call Me Out app will use the phone's accelerometer and GPS to detect when the phone is physically picked up while traveling at speeds above 5 mph. Should such an event occur, the phone will then emit personalized audible alerts, spoken in the voices of loved ones.

But America is the country where not long ago its citizens were advised to place an object of value near the infant in the back seat so that the kids wouldn’t be left locked in the car for hours. So it’s doubtful the voice of a wife or husband warning of impending doom will do much of anything.

That’s why, for those who value virtual coins more than years left to live, Chevrolet’s app has also been designed as a game. Meaning that less a phone is handled while driving, the higher the score for the driver on the leaderboard.

“Chevy’s Call Me Out app gives drivers another great tool to reinforce good driving behaviors — and as a mom of a teenage daughter, I personally know how important it is to model good driving behaviors and encourage others to do the same,” said in a statement Tricia Morrow, Chevy safety engineer.

Editor's note: Now the distracted driving issue was solved, all Chevy needs is another campaign to convince Americans to install the app. Also, a campaign to convince people not to check scores while driving might be needed.

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