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Cheerful, Desktop-Sized Robot Dog Reminds You to Put Your Mask On

They’re using robots nowadays for a plethora of applications, but most of them are just lifeless machines with a dull design and no personality. Not this little guy right here, though. The XGO-Mini is a happy-go-lucky bot that looks funny and can pass for a mini-dog.
XGO-Mini Quadruped Robot With AI 7 photos
XGO-Mini Quadruped AI RobotXGO-Mini Quadruped AI RobotXGO-Mini Quadruped AI RobotXGO-Mini Quadruped AI Robot APpXGO-Mini Quadruped AI RobotProgramming XGO-Mini Quadruped AI Robot
It is a desktop-sized quadruped robot with AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities and 12 degrees of freedom (DOF). Developed by Luwu, a STEM education technology company, XGO-MINI is capable and cute-looking, unlike most faceless robots they’re making today. It can perform a variety of motions in any direction. Thanks to its AI modules, XGO can have various entry-level or advanced applications.

The robot has a 240x240p full-color LCD screen, a 0.3MP camera, and a 4GB SD card for storage. It supports images, audio, video, machine learning models, and more. It is equipped with a 2500 mAh lithium battery.

You can use it for research purposes, algorithm verification, and the like. But it can also be a very entertaining companion that interacts with its surroundings. It is equipped with visual, voice, and gesture recognition features, it can recognize QR codes, April Tag, and can even remind you to put your mask on.

Looking like a smaller version of Spot, the robot dog, this smart device is a very active machine. It acts, walks, and reacts like a dog, mimicking its motions. You can make it move forward, backward, left, or right, regardless of the roughness of the terrain.

The joints of XGO are composed of sensors, DC motors, control circuits, reduction gears, and a lot of other techy stuff. Bottom line? It can be a very dynamic robot pet, and you can program it to do a variety of things.

And the best part is that XGO is open-source, meaning you can use the ROS (robot operating system) and Python AI system to program it yourself. There’s also an app included with the bot, which lets you easily control it.

If you’re already hooked on the little quadruped, you can find it on Kickstarter and make it yours for a pledge of $600 (about 500 EUR / 430 GBP). The estimated delivery date is November 2021.

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