Check Out this new Lexus "Amazing in Motion" Mini-Drones Clip

You know Lexus comes with great when coming to short films, bringing sensible matters to attention.
Lexus Drones 1 photo
And if all the previous videos were kind of dramatic, Lexus just put out a new one which will put a smile on your face, simply called “Swarm”. Don’t worry though, its a swarm of cute little drones created by Lexus and KMel robotics.

Directed by Sam Brown, the clip takes advanced quadrotor technology out of the testing laboratory and into the real world creating an engaging story, where the little drones are discovering the world around.

While the body and materials used for the drones were inspired by Lexus. advanced motion capture camera technology was used to program their complex movement paths. Check it bellow also watch the other making-of video.


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