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Check Out Some Hardcore Bikers Playing Shakespeare’s Macbeth at Sturgis

Sturgis - the place where thousands of motorcyclists gather each year to celebrate freedom, shoot guns, get drunk and naked, rev big-bore V-twin engines and play Shakespeare?!
Macbeth play at Sturgis 6 photos
Motorcycle Macbeth play at SturgisMotorcycle Macbeth play at SturgisMotorcycle Macbeth play at SturgisMotorcycle Macbeth play at SturgisMotorcycle Macbeth play at Sturgis
Yeah, you read that right. Apparently, there’s a new thing going on, and if you don’t believe us, this feature film by the Bird Cage Theatrics Company from Wyoming is the proof you are looking for then.

Titled ‘Motorcycle Macbeth’, the short video explains how and, most notably, why did this became popular in the brotherhood of the two-wheels. It looks cool, but at the end of the day, you are looking at bandana-wearing leather-wrapped tattooed bikers reciting prose on a scene.

And we all know Shakespeare’s Macbeth isn’t quite the easiest text out there. The old English makes you think you’re almost illiterate, especially after gulping a couple of beers or so. One of the actors, who started acting in 1994, even said he avoided such plays like hell until now.

“The show’s producers admit to having a rough go of it the first couple of days when bikers who just wanted a night out drinking were assaulted by Shakespearian prose,” MEL Films writes in their description of the clip below.

So, why is poetry going along with metal music, leather suits, and growling engines? It could be just another phase motorcyclists go in search of new things to try out over at Sturgis, but it does offer something else if you can read between the lines.

If you paid attention in high-school, Macbeth is a story about brotherhood, murder, war, loyalties and, of course, about proving yourself. And who can say this doesn’t sound exactly like any other biker-gang-themed Hollywood flick that landed the idea that being part of such an organization is a dangerous but cool way of living.


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