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Chatty, 4 Ft. Tall Robot Sulla Is Both a Fun Companion and a Reliable Maid

Robots are getting bigger, smarter, and more accessible. Sulla is one of them, a full-sized machine that’s over 4 ft (128 cm) tall, allowing it to interact with people more naturally.
Sulla full-sized robot powered by machine learning 6 photos
Sulla full-sized robotSulla full-sized robotSulla full-sized robotSulla full-sized robotSulla full-sized robot
This gizmo is the brainchild of Luft Systems, a California-based robotics company that says it wants to bring full-sized robots to everyone. Sulla is practical and packed with smart features such as an AIML (artificial intelligence markup language)-based chatbot, area mapping, face identification, offline voice recognition, and much more.

There are several reasons why the developer made the robot full-sized. In addition to allowing people to interact with it easier without having to bend down to talk with it, Sulla’s height also makes it more useful around the house. It can access objects on tables, reach things like light switches, and so on.

Luft Systems also gives users the possibility to further enhance the bot’s capabilities by 3D printing new hands or claws for the machine. Then there’s also the fact that it looks more human this way, and it is more customizable. Not to mention it looks good with a shirt on and a hat on its droid head.

Sulla can navigate by mapping the rooms it’s in and saving those maps for later use. It also comes with the ability to carry out a conversation right out of the box, and you can expand its vocabulary, teaching it new words. Curious and with machine learning capabilities, the bot asks questions to learn new things.

The robot is tech-packed, being equipped with a forward-facing LiDAR, four face and object recognition cameras, five ultrasonic range sensors, two microphones, an accelerometer, a 1 TB SSD, to name just a few of its components.

While the idea for Sulla was born in 2018, it took until now for the company to launch a Kickstarter campaign, which proved to be a hit.

A pledge of at least $625 will get you the robot, with the estimated delivery date being April 2022. You can order the robot and see it in action here.

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