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Charles Leclerc Shares Bits of His Monaco Experience, He's (Like) a Local

Ferrari’s Formula 1 racing driver Charles Leclerc started to keep in touch regularly with fans. He’s not appealing only to the famous Tifosi, as the content that’s being shared can very well be watched by anyone that aspires to live a lavish lifestyle. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to discover one of F1’s best.
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Charles LeclercCharles LeclercCharles LeclercCharles LeclercCharles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc is currently in a pickle when it comes to F1. Ferrari has a great racing car and a marvelous engine developed for the current season, but the team lacks proper strategy and cohesion when it comes to decisions made in the heat of the moment. While fans may be upset about this, there’s no real need to feel bad for Leclerc. He’s getting paid either way. Since we’re taking a sneak peek into his private life, there’s no need to debate what’s going on in Formula 1 right now.

The well-known racing driver spends a couple of days with his family and friends, shows followers his hobbies, and shares some footage from his training. It’s a great opportunity to discover a small piece of who Charles Leclerc is when the man isn’t wearing that awesome red racing suit.

Being the place he grew up in, Monaco is home for Leclerc, and the whole ambiance of the footage exudes familiarity. It’s a great way to unwind and learn more about your favorite Formula 1 racing driver.

The 24 hours he chose to share with the world are condensed into a little over 15 minutes, so you won’t feel bored by the edited recording.

Watching the video down below will enable those interested in F1 to understand that motorsport like this FIA-sanctioned competition requires a lot from those that line up to race in front of an international audience. For example, did you know that Leclerc wakes up at approximately 6 AM every day and plays the piano in the afternoon? Or that he owns multiple F1 cars, including the one in which he won his first-ever Grand Prix?

Now watch the video and get to know the part of Scuderia Ferrari’s racing driver he wants to show the world. He's officially a vlogger now too!

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