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ChargePoint Comes to Android Auto, Here’s What the App Can Do for You
It’s simple; electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. With that, on the other hand, a plethora of issues seem to be popping up. ChargePoint is looking to solve some of them.

ChargePoint Comes to Android Auto, Here’s What the App Can Do for You

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ChargePoint recently announced that it will be joining the lineup of Android Auto integration apps. With this strategic move, countless ChargePoint and EV owners have raised a glass in thanks.

If you own an EV in the United States, then you most likely know who ChargePoint is. If you don’t, here’s a quick refresh. Since 2007, this e-mobility company has been focused strictly on creating an EV charging network meant to bring about a transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity. Today, this charging giant boasts over 92.5 million charges and plans a network of 2.5 million charge points by 2025. Until then, however, a few more systems need to be implemented.

One way this team is bringing about change, and most importantly, ease of use, is by integrating their services into the long list of Android Auto apps. Why? It’s simple: to give you, the EV owner, a much more comfortable experience.

“At ChargePoint, we know that the shift to electric mobility relies on driver experience, and ChargePoint’s Android Auto app is another pivotal step in the evolution already underway, driven by software and increased connectivity,” said Bill Loewenthal, Senior Vice President, Product, ChargePoint.

Like all other Android Auto apps, with this app you connect your phone to the vehicle or stereo and select the icon from your vehicle screen. After that, bam! You can now see every available station based on your current location. No more asking folks for directions, if they know of a charging station around these parts, or even turning down a wrong street. Everything is displayed neatly in front of you.

Thanks to the app, you can also identify nearby stations based on several filters: charging speed, availability, cost, and even vehicle compatibility. You’ll also be able to see availability, if it's AC or DC charging, and the supported connectors. Heck, while you’re at it, check out the station pictures and see if it’s a place you’d like to charge your vehicle. You can also select a Notify Me option in case the station you need is full; you’ll be alerted once open for use.

Once you’ve arrived at your desired “pump,” you can now start a charge right from the comfort of your vehicle, assuming someone’s plugged you in, or hold your phone up to the station’s credit card reader and start that way.

Another important feature that you can now use is finding a charging station before you arrive at a destination. Before you embark on your journey, open the My Menu option and search for stations near a destination rather than nearby. My Menu also includes a Recently Visited and My Spots features. You can easily guess what those features do for you.

Again, all of this is done to help you enjoy the EV charging experience. But I think there’s a bit more to it than that. Another feature you’ll have at your fingertips is that of seeing all charging details and activity on your phone. You can now track how much money you’ve spent, saved, or even time spent charging.

Add on some integration systems that allow the app to work with Alexa, CarPlay, Apple Watch, and Wear OS, and your charging needs are immediately addressed.

Aside from ease of use, this release also has significant benefits for ChargePoint. The more you’re exposed to an app that’s easy to use and can track all your data for you, making the whole experience more enjoyable, the higher the chances that you’ll return to use that same app. Since it's tied directly to the ChargePoint, who else did you expect to cash in on your charging needs?


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