Lamborghini Ravietta study
The minimalist “flat design” language has frequently been used by car makers lately, when creating their logos and branding to fit in the requirements of the digital era we're living in. But some supercar illustrations we’ve seen seem to suggest this trend could also work for the actual design of future cars.

CGI Lamborghini Ravietta Is a Retrofuturistic Diablo in Disguise

Lamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta studyLamborghini Ravietta study
You’ve probably already read about the GAC Barchetta concept car revealed a month ago, or the Skoda Vision GT study that the Czech carmaker presented in September. Both have embraced the new design trend. Now, we get to look at yet another flat car design, this time around coming from the imagination of talented designer Cesar Olivera.

The car you see in these renderings is called Lamborghini Ravietta and shows how Olivera envisions what a future supercar from the Italian sports car manufacturer could look like. It is a futuristic design meant to reinterpret the Lamborghini DNA for a more modern consumer.

Lamborghini is already known for creating aggressive-looking cars, but this designer’s illustrations are even edgier than what the Italian automaker has accustomed us to.

Seeing that brutalism is regaining popularity, Olivera has decided to incorporate some of the characteristics of this design style into his creation. If you’re not familiar with this style, know that brutalism puts an emphasis on textures, materials, and minimalist constructions to produce highly expressive results.

Lamborghini Ravietta study
Olivera’s declared goal was to highlight that even a simple, minimalist aesthetic can be quite impactful. The renderings show a car featuring a dynamic body with sharp, exaggerated angles.

A simple bone line on the side of the Ravietta's body runs from the front to the rear, sketching the main structure of the vehicle. The car is almost brushing the ground and displays an impressive width. If viewed from top to bottom, it seems divided into two parts, which creates a sense of motion and dynamism. And to highlight the aggressive nature of the design, Olivera chose to give the lower part of the model a contrasting red finish.

While this imaginary vehicle is designed for the modern era, it does take design cues from some of Lamborghini’s classic cars like the Diablo, the Murcielago, and the Countach. It also takes inspiration from the more recent limited-edition Lamborghini Sian.

For instance, as you can see in the illustrations, the designer placed the driver's cab towards the front, reminiscing of the Murcielago's design, while the active air intakes seem to be inspired by the same classic model.

Lamborghini Ravietta study
The strong curves of the Ravietta also evoke the Countach, a legendary Lamborghini vehicle that still serves as inspiration for the design of many new models manufactured in Sant’Agata Bolognese. In the words of Lamborghini's Head of Design Mitja Borkert, “There are works of art that always remain contemporary, and the shape of the Countach is one of them.”

Moreover, the rotary-phone wheels are a nod to the Countach as well and perfectly match the body of the vehicle without appearing old-school. As for the nods to the newer Lamborghini models, these are visible in the incredibly thin Y-shaped headlights inspired by those used by the automaker on the Sian and Terzo Millenio.

Fascinating, innovative design elements incorporated into Ravietta’s aesthetics stand out. The forward-leaning cameras replacing the side mirrors, the taillights integrated into the slabs that cover the rear-mounted engine, and the three vertically-stacked exhaust pipes are on the menu. Another modern touch is the overarching windscreen that extends toward the top of the vehicle and turns into a glass roof.

While these are just some independent, computer-generated renderings, and we might never see such a car coming out of Lamborghini’s factory, it is an appealing car design and a good example of how classic cues can harmoniously mix with fresh, modern aesthetics.

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The gallery includes renderings of a fictional car that is not related to Lamborghini.


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