CFMoto Unveils Futuristic ATV Concept With Mysterious YouTube Video: Coming Up at EICMA

CFMoto CForce X Concept 11 photos
Photo: CFMoto / YouTube Screenshot
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If you’re into motorcycle and ATV culture, one yearly event you can look forward to is EICMA. Well, this year, we’ve been in for more than enough automotive concepts and machines, and this next one is an ATV from CFMoto.
The name CFMoto has been a presence in the world of motorcycles and ATVs since 1989, making them just one year younger than me. Over these 33 years, they grew from a company in China to being known the world over for their machines. Considering they manufacture goods for just about any powersports vehicle means they know how to stay atop an ever-shifting market.

Well, in line with the upcoming EICMA event, this manufacturer has unveiled a video that shows off just what’s in store for fans of this brand. Yet, there are some issues at this stage in the game. So far, all we are privy to is nothing more than the video we see below; it’s been ripped out of CFMoto’s social media pages. Regarding live images of this concept, we’re going to need to be patient.

So, what exactly are we waiting for? It’s been dubbed the CForce X Concept, and judging by the video below, what we’re in for is a rather modernized and sleek machine. But that’s about it. All we’re shown is nothing more than cues, shapes, exhaust designs, and suspensions. We can also see the CFMoto wheels expressed on countless generations of previous ATV designs, but there’s a bit more to the story so let’s dive deeper.

CFMoto CForce X Concept
Photo: CFMoto / YouTube Screenshot
If you’re aware of the sort of machines that CFMoto manufactures, then you kind of know what to expect from this new machine, sort of. Considering that CFMoto’s CForce lineup features motors ranging from 400 cc to 963 cc, we can conclude that the X Concept will be even more powerful. But, again, this is just a theory, and so far, no information has been revealed to backup this notion. Best of all, their gear can be found ranging from around $5,900 (€5,900 at current exchange rates) to over $13,300 (€13,300).

Now, the video starts with us viewing the X Concept looming in the dark. Aside from an outline of the vehicle, we can see a sleek and modern headlight take shape. With the camera now sweeping over said headlight, we can see that there is a sort of composite material that takes light from what seem to be LEDs and projects it forward.

CFMoto CForce X Concept Rear
Photo: CFMoto / YouTube Screenshot
We’re then shown the iconic CFMoto wheels, taillight, and a sweep over the exhaust. The latter looks like it’s been ripped right off some Lambo or modern supercars. More sweeps over the dashboard, seen from the rider’s perspective, again the headlights, and finally, a quick shot of this thing's suspension; massive.

Then, things start clearing up a bit, and we can witness more of the suspension, the cockpit and some of its features, and the saddle or body shape. Judging by the massive kits mounted to the front and rear of the X, this ATV comes off as the kind you’d call upon for long, arduous journeys. With a flicker of the headlight, a logo comes up on your screen, and you’re left searching the internet for a more in-depth look at this friggin thing. Be patient; in the next two days, on November 8th, to be precise, all will be revealed. Get your checkbooks ready.

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