Caterpillar Plays Giant Jenga with Heavy Hydraulic Machines

Heavy machines, like the ones we use to tear down buildings or build roads, appear dangerous to the point of being deadly. However, some mechanics just seem to know what they're doing, and some have been seen playing football with their excavators.
Caterpillar Plays Giant Jenga with Heavy Hydraulic Machines 1 photo
Today, we bring you a video where they play oversized games of an entirely different type. We've all had a Jenga tower set growing up. It consists of 54 individual blocks that players have take turns and remove.

There's no possible way to play that with construction equipment, right? Yes, there is... if only somebody could build a set of gigantic wooden blocks. Except that's precisely what they did at the Caterpillar testing facility in Edwards, Illinois.

27 wood blocks were made by gluing lots of wood pieces together. Each one tips the scales at about 600 lbs or 272 kilograms, so you don't want to drop one on your shoes. After a few tries, the operators started to get really good at it.

One guy pushes the middle blocks inwards with his forklift, and another pulls them out with a giant set of mechanical grips. The whole gang then gets in on the action, as they use a jackhammer extension to push the outer blocks and then even an excavator joins the fun.

Their marketing team has taken a unique approach to show off the ability of their equipment and we also have to commend them for their choice of music. But eventually, the whole 8-ton structure comes tumbling down. Who loses? Watch the video and find out.

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