Catalytic Converters Are Still Being Stolen, a U.S. Mechanic Explains Why

Car Wizard is one of the most liked American auto mechanics. He ventured into YouTube video production with a very shy attitude, but collaborations with others like Hoovies Garage helped him find a good way to communicate with watchers and followers. His honest business practices also contributed a lot to his rise to modest Internet fame. Now here’s his take on catalytic converters. There’s some useful stuff down below.
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Car Wizard’s on his way to one million subscribers on YouTube, even though he started publishing videos only a couple of years ago. Besides sharing many other things that happen in his shop, the mechanic took his time to talk about catalytic converters and explain how they can fail or even melt. To make his point as clear as possible, he got a Ferrari 456 to exemplify everything. The man also shows what’s inside this important car part.

Firstly, the auto mechanic says ordering a new catalytic converter now automatically means longer waiting times. It can be weeks or even months in some cases. The demand is high because they’re being stolen, and thieves aren’t planning on stopping because they rarely get caught. So, besides being expensive, they’re also hard to get nowadays.

Secondly, Car Wizard says catalytic converters can melt. It can happen for various reasons on some vehicles, but the most common cause is existing damage and modifications done to the vehicle without proper care.

Thirdly, because they’re positioned under the car and tucked away, seeing what happens can be quite hard. When this occurs, the catalysts inside fuse and do not allow the exhaust to travel freely through the system. The engine, in most cases, stalls. And that’s how you know some important repairing or part replacing is necessary. In some cases, the mechanic says the engine can also be decimated by a problem with the catalytic converter. So, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t have any issues.

Fourthly, the man says inside this car part there are some very valuable metals that thieves like to sell – platinum, rhodium, and palladium. Moreover, to control emissions, catalytic converters are mandatory. Hot exhaust gasses go through them, and while they pass the ceramic honeycomb-like structure, some harmful residues are burned or separated from what gets finally released into the air.

Lastly, don’t forget that catalytic converters are very important and very expensive. Authorities are trying to catch the thieves but stealing this car part usually takes less than two minutes because they’re just cutting them off. There are some anti-theft solutions out there. Make sure you pick the right one for you.

Now watch Car Wizard’s video and listen to his whole presentation.

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