Cars Trudge Through Detroit Flooding, Ford Focus ST Damaged

Virtually everybody knows about the flood narrative and Noah's Ark. Although what happened in Genesis chapters 6 - 9 is way more dramatic than yesterday's flood that took metro Detroit by surprise, the damage done by this natural catastrophe is too much for us gearheads, especially for the driver of a Focus ST.
Flooded Ford Focus ST 6 photos
Flooded Ford Focus STFlooded Ford Focus STFlooded Ford Focus STFlooded Ford Focus STFlooded Ford Focus ST
The Michigan State Police issued a statement yesterday, warning drivers to be extra careful on their way to or from work: "Please advise your viewers, listeners or readers to avoid non essential use of the Metro Detroit Freeway system. All freeways in the Metro area are currently experiencing flooding at different points. Also remind everyone to not drive through standing water as it is hard to determine how deep the water is."

However, a handful of drivers haven't heard the statement or just ignored it. Needles to say, those that ventured into the calamitous areas went through very awful experiences. But the most roughed in this story weren't the men and women with soaked underpants, but the automobiles that took the viciousness of the millions of gallons of water sweeping everything from superminis to pickup trucks.

Take the white Ford Focus ST hot hatchback in the gallery below as a prime example. Its owner uploaded the pictures on his Facebook account, telling his online friends: "Possibly the worse day of my life so far.... She's gone." From the looks of it, the watery grave of the ST seems to be the I-75, right underneath the Woodward Hills Boulevard overpass. Fingers crossed this Detroitian gearhead has car insurance.


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