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CarPlay Mysteriously Broken Down on Alpine Head Units, Temporary Fix Found

Apple has recently released iOS 15.5 to all supported iPhones, but as it turns out, installing this update ends up causing some critical issues for CarPlay users.
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More specifically, the new operating system update causes CarPlay to no longer show up as an option on Alpine media receivers, with Bluetooth remaining the only way to connect the head unit to the mobile device.

But users here on reddit are complaining of an even more awkward behavior in their cars.

Some say that similar problems have also been encountered with older versions of iOS, while one user claims that once they attempted to connect an iPhone running version 15.5, the head unit stopped working with all iPhones, no matter the operating system.

It worked flawlessly during the first few weeks. After updating to 15.5 CarPlay is broken. I tried connecting another iPhone that was on 15.4 with the same results. Wired or wireless, the unit won’t connect to CarPlay no matter what device I connect now,” they say.

Somehow the 15.5 firmware must be permanently altering the head unit. I’ve performed multiple factory resets on the Alpine and reset Privacy and Location on my iPhone, deleted all CarPlay settings and Bluetooth devices with the same results.

Those who reached out to Alpine claim they’ve been told to wait as an investigation is currently underway, but of course, there’s no ETA as to when a patch could eventually go live to resolve the bugs.

In the meantime, it looks like users have come across a temporary solution that does its job. It all comes down to the Siri settings on the iPhone.

Just head over to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and look for the Spoken Responses entry. Switch it to Always, and everything should now be working properly.

Neither Apple nor Alpine acknowledged the glitch, so you’d better not hold your breath for a fix.


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