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CarPlay Dashboard Support Confirmed for Another Navigation App

Apple unlocked the navigation card on the CarPlay dashboard with the release of iOS 13.4, so technically, apps like Google Maps and Waze can now replace Apple Maps on the multi-view screen when the iPhone is connected to cars.
TomTom with dashboard support 1 photo
But even if this highly-anticipated feature is now available, developers don’t necessarily seem to be in a rush to make it happen. And while the entire world is waiting for Google to update Google Maps and Waze with support for the dashboard, others seem to be moving much faster.

TomTom, for example, is ready to bring this feature to its iOS navigation app that also offers CarPlay support, with someone revealing on reddit that this capability has already entered the testing phase as part of the most recent beta.

In other words, users running the beta builds of TomTom GO Navigation on their iPhones can now replace Apple Maps on the CarPlay dashboard, as seen in the photo attached here. Worth knowing, however, is that the feature is only available for users who are part of the beta program, and for the time being, there’s no ETA as to when it should become available for all users.

The bad news is that there’s no dashboard support in sight for Google Maps and Waze, as this feature isn’t even available in the most recent beta builds shipped to iPhones. So while this functionality will arrive at some point in the future in both apps, nobody knows exactly when, as Google hasn’t even confirmed that it’s working on adding it to its iOS navigation tools.

If you’re thinking of replacing Google Maps with TomTom, don’t forget that the latter is available with a subscription, not offered free of charge on mobile devices. So while it’d soon feature dashboard support in the stable build, this feature would only be offered to paying customers.


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