Carmageddon-Themed Tournament Kicks Off in Wreckfest

The new Carmageddon tournament in Wreckfest 6 photos
Photo: THQ Nordic
Carmageddon-themed events in WreckfestCarmageddon-themed events in WreckfestCarmageddon-themed events in WreckfestCarmageddon-themed events in WreckfestCarmageddon-themed events in Wreckfest
It’s common knowledge that Carmageddon is vehicular combat game where you murder zombies, but not many probably know that Wreckfest lets players do the same thing, but to other drivers. The fine folks at THQ Nordic thought it would be a great idea to combine both games in an exhilarating, full-gore event that kicks off today.
Based on gameplay mechanics alone, Wreckfest and Carmageddon seem like a match made in … hell. Wrecking your opponents in Wreckfest or murdering zombies in Carmageddon should be equally awesome, so THQ Nordic’s decision to combine the two game makes sense at first glance.

Those who own Wreckfest can now participate in the new Carmageddon Tournament, which is available across all platforms and it’s completely free of charge. Players can take part in two different events on iconic Carmageddon tracks like “Bleak City” and “Death Canyon,” as well as unlock the iconic “Eagle R” car from Carmageddon Max Damage.

The tournament consists of a monthly event called Carnage Accumulator and weekly Death Races. Carnage Accumulator is set in Bleak City and lets players roam the map freely for three minutes, during which they must score as many points as possible by wrecking AI cars and eliminating green-blooded zombies.

Also, a number of weekly racing events, set in either Bleak City or Death Canyon, will have players race from checkpoint to checkpoint with the Eagle R and cause as much carnage as they can along the way by wrecking rivals and eliminating the same green-blooded zombies.

Our Wreckfest review can provide you with more details on the matter of “how to wreck your opponents in a racing car game,” so make sure to check that out. Wreckfest NextGen is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One. It’s important to mention that owners of Wreckfest on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can upgrade to the NextGen version for $9.99.

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