Carlsson CK63 Is Just a Mercedes in Disguise

Tuning firm Carlsson decided to improve the performance of the Mercedes C63 AMG, already a mean-looking, rad-performing machine that had not just the Mercedes fans excited. But staying true to the motto that, when it comes to cars, bigger and more powerful is always better, the Germans over at Carlsson, took the quintessential German car and gave it a makeover.

And when we say makeover, you know what we mean. The car got a power boost, the one we're all interested in, from 457 hp to 565 hp, which is no easy feat. The torque was also raised a whopping 85 Nm, all the way up to 685 Nm.

Of course, that means the car now has more grunt, and the performances speak for themselves. How does 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds sound? Is it something you'd like your car to do? Then maybe you should give these guys a call, because they seem to know what they're doing.

Other additions in the engine bay include a sports air filter, a custom-made carbon fiber engine cover and an electronic speed limiter which doesn't let you exceed 300 km/h. We know what you're thinking, that's like taking out all the fun out of the car, but at speeds of over 300 km/h you're going to have some issues controlling this huge beast.

That is why Carlsson also fitted the car with a RS coil-over kit. They also suggest that whoever buys the car should install a limited-slip differential for better traction and improved stability. For your driving pleasure, the tuning company is willing to throw in a set of ultra light rims, which basically weigh 38% less than your normal set of wheels.

As far as the visual rating goes, Carlsson has fitted an wicked-looking body kit, one that is flows very nice with the overall lines of the car, while at the same time being unobtrusive. And beside the fact that it looks good, it also improves handling at high speeds. Now all you need is a custom built interior to finish things off, and the German tuners aim to please, as they have an endless variety of options for you to choose from. Just take a look at these pics to get an idea.
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