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Carlex Design’s Ford Ranger Looks Absolutely Ruthless
Here’s a rugged all-terrain behemoth that’ll soothe every last corner of your gearhead soul.

Carlex Design’s Ford Ranger Looks Absolutely Ruthless

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As time went by, the Polish specialists over at Carlex Design have earned quite a reputation on the aftermarket segment, thanks to a plethora of surreal customization kits that demonstrate how thinking outside the box can deliver some truly ravishing results. In our day and age, it goes without saying these auto artists are no strangers to the fascinating realm of custom machines.

Over the years, we visited this tuner’s inventory to drool over countless works of four-wheeled art brewed under their roof, including a Land Rover Defender that'll have you feel like you’re cruising the seas and a groovy Mercedes-AMG G 63 with steampunk vibes. Without going into any other details, it’s quite safe to conclude that there’s some serious talent at work on CD’s premises.

Not only is their unique design language reflected in a brutal display of custom bodywork madness, its graceful elements are proudly worn by the vehicles’ interiors as well. I mean, just look at their Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro Tattoo Edition and you’ll definitely get my point. In fact, let’s proceed with a thorough analysis of yet another staggering feat, shall we?

The exploit in question revolves around Blue Oval’s revered Ranger – a menacing pickup truck with an ominous attitude to match its sheer size. We'll be kicking things off by having a quick look at the original car’s main specs and features. Ford’s almighty colossus is put in motion by a wicked 2.3-liter turbocharged inline-four powerplant that’ll gladly supply up to 270 hp at 5,500 rpm. On the other hand, the intercooled mill is perfectly capable of delivering as much as 310 pound-feet (420 Nm) of monstrous twisting force at around 3,000 rpm.

A ten-speed automatic transmission is tasked with distributing the engine’s unholy power to an all-wheel-drive system. The entire structure crawls on a set of aluminum wheels, with a diameter of 18 inches on both ends. Each and every one of these items comes equipped with disc brakes that’ll handle stopping power with ease on all four sides. Last but not least, Ranger’s wheelbase measures 126.8 inches (3,220 mm). The range-topping Lariat 4WD SuperCrew 5’ Box trim brings about a price tag of approximately $39,870.

As if Ford’s monstrous Ranger wasn’t already mean enough, Carlex Design’s pros proceeded to develop a widebody kit that’ll make it look like it eats Raptors for breakfast. For starters, their aftermarket wizardry consists of a chunky grille that houses the tuner’s logo and a pair of beefy diagonal strakes, accompanied by a muscular front bumper, one rugged skid plate and a couple of malicious block eyelids sitting atop the headlights.

You will find enlarged fender flares and 18-inch aftermarket wheels with five spokes each. Additionally, this monstrosity is fully prepared to tackle the off-road environment, thanks to top-grade all-terrain tires from BF Goodrich. In between, we notice bulky side skirts that complement the widebody pizzazz, while the rear end receives a robust tow bar and some of the funkiest decals we’ve seen as of late.

When you step inside, you’ll discover a reupholstered cabin that boasts a textured pattern on the front and rear seats, as well as silver accents and classy stitching rounding out the cosmetic upgrades. Long story short, CD’s Ford Ranger looks ready to get dirty!

Finally, the base price for this outlandish conversion is rated at a mere €6,495 ($7,678 as per current exchange rates). Should you be the proud owner of Blue Oval’s Ranger, then Carlex Design’s website is the next place you ought to be visiting.


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