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Carlex Design Creates Another Special Car, the BMW M3 “Black Spinell”

It’s no secret that over the years the guys from Carlex Design won our admiration. They put together some of the most bespoke cars we’ve ever seen and their work seemingly only gets better. Now they’re back with yet another unique creation, this time using a BMW E92 M3 as a canvas.
BMW E92 M3 Black Spinell 11 photos
BMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black SpinellBMW E92 M3 Black Spinell
The older M car was brought in for a complete make-over but in the typical style of the Polish company: focused on the interior. They are not especially known for their exterior tuning like other names in the business but when it comes to the cabin, Carlex knows a thing or two.

This project, dubbed the ‘Black Spinell’ is no different. From what we can gather, a spinel is a sort of gem so we reckon it was all meant to give the Bimmer a chance to shine, leaving the tech bits behind.

The materials used are worthy of the bigger names in the industry. According to the Polish tuner, Bentley Nappa leather was used in abundance along with perforated cowhide leather that’s noticeable especially on the seats.

Carbon fiber details then came up and they were used on the door panels, dash and even the steering wheel that is now considerably thicker than before. While that might be an issue for some, I guess it depends on the driver himself that might be a basketball player and have hands the size of Sasquatch’s feet. Who knows....

To top everything off Alcantara leather was used for the top of the door panels and bits of Nubuck leather were inserted here and there. Since this is a bespoke car and there probably were some bits of leather laying around after the cabin was done, the guys also put together a leather and carbon leather handbag that matches the upholstery perfectly.

If you’re to ask me, the best bit about this car, however, is its exterior. Surprised, huh? That’s because it’s completely stock, the M3 taking you by surprise the moment you open the door.


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