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CarCamper Bed Module Turns Your Car Into a Van the Budget-Friendly Way

Sleeping in your car is no longer fun after a certain age unless you can do it in proper conditions. But not all of us afford the luxury of an RV, nor do we feel like spending our money on hotels. Luckily though, there’s a simpler, more affordable solution, and it’s called CarCamper.
CarCamper bed module 10 photos
CarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed moduleCarCamper bed module
It might not come with complimentary rose petals on your pillow, but the CarCamper does offer the benefits of a van without having to rent or buy one.

CarCamper is a bed module that can be used to maximize the space of your car, turning it into a comfy home on wheels. It comes in two versions: a Solo module and a Duo module.

Both modules have a telescopic frame with adjustable length, and the feet are also adjustable thanks to the quick-lock mechanism. The Solo module can have lengths between 4.9 and 6.8 ft (150 and 210 cm) and a 1.9 ft (60 cm) width. Weight-wise, it can hold up to 264.5 lb (120 kg).

With the Duo module, you get almost the same length, at 4.9 to 6.5 ft (150 to 200 cm), but it comes with an extra-wide bed frame, measuring 3.9 ft (120 cm). The Duo module has a maximum payload of 440.9 lb (200 kg).

There are guide blocks that secure the sleeping surface, preventing slipping.

The aluminum frame is strong and durable, while the components remain light. The module can be completely disassembled, making the CarCamper compact and saving you space when stored.

One of the best things about the CarCamper is that it is extremely user-friendly and fits most cars without requiring any changes. All you have to do is fold your seats and install the module Although the manufacturer claims it tested the bed modules on a variety of cars, there is a Fit-Guide you can use on its website to make sure yours is compatible with the CarCamper.

The CarCamper is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, so do check it out if you want, for more details. If you want the bed module, you have to pledge a minimum of approximately $300 (250 €) for the Solo version or $355 (300 €) for the Duo. Assuming it reaches production, deliveries are estimated for November 2021.

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