Carbon Footprint Reduction Confuses Americans, New Study Reveals

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Despite what many are thinking about Americans’ desires for a cleaner, healthier world, a new study shows real environmental change is wanted nationwide. The only issue: this must happen with fossil fuels on tap.
Climate change is real. There’s no denying it. The process happens on its own, but human intervention speeds it up and makes some areas on Earth uninhabitable by both people and animals. Moreover, views about how to tackle it properly are still divergent. The whole thing is too complicated to summarize in this article. However, if one thing’s for sure is that we know action is needed. We must do something to at least minimize our global impact by acting locally. That’s why governments started to subsidize and incentivize electric vehicles, solar panels, and fund companies that provide real solutions for the problem.

This new Pew Research study reveals that Americans understood something has to change, and they agree we must all take relevant measures to reduce our own carbon footprint. Yes, companies are still to blame for producing the majority of CO2 released into the atmosphere and other harmful gasses or products that pollute the Earth. This doesn’t change the fact that we should embark on a common journey towards a cleaner world and accountable societies. For this to work, we need to give up on burning stuff for power. Americans don’t want that. We can’t blame all the people, but we can understand them.

According to the data, there’s a real wish for change. Those interviewed say that having alternative sources of energy should be a priority, while a majority of 69% agree the U.S. government should take the necessary steps to achieve carbon neutrality. This term might sound fancy, but it means that we must have a cycle of producing CO2 and absorbing said harmful gas. That’s it.

What’s even more interesting is that results show voters would support a United States that’s playing a global role in tackling climate change.

Where Americans are somewhat contradicting themselves is when it comes to phasing out fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas completely. They don’t want that to happen. Over 67% are convinced that the U.S. should still use these means of powering societies in 2050.

Planting more and more trees won’t solve all our climate problems. It’s a good start, but not a solution.
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Editor's note: This survey was completed before Russia invaded Ukraine.

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