Car Wizard Calls it Quits on a 1967 Lincoln Continental, Here's Why

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Photo: Car Wizard
Car Wizard Lincoln ContinentalCar Wizard Lincoln ContinentalCar Wizard Lincoln ContinentalCar Wizard Lincoln ContinentalCar Wizard Lincoln Continental
Dave, the Car Wizard on YouTube, tried to go all out to fix up one of his customer's bitchin 1967 Lincoln Continental V8. But after the last two years burning money trying to repair classic American iron, he's ready to call it quits. At least on that side of the business. And no, it's not because he suddenly hates classic cars.
In fact, Dave loves working on older hardware just as much as Ferraris and Maseratis and more than he and his shop Omega Auto Clinic fix on a regular basis. Instead, the reason Dave is ready to throw in the towel on certain classic cars is based on factors entirely out of his control. In the era of the 2020s, it's becoming harder and harder for regular mechanics to find the parts needed to fix these classic cars.

Two or three years ago, Wizard could expect to find more or less any car part he needed using his vast and detailed network of suppliers. But after the global health crisis and supply chain issues galore, those fruitful wells of old car parts have suddenly dried up into something that's barely even a puddle anymore. This causes Dave to have to spend extra time and labor sourcing parts from obscure parts of the web, waiting for the items to arrive, and then finally installing them.

The delay is so bad that Dave even estimates he's lost more money fixing up classic cars than he has earned a profit for their professional repair. With an enormous shop to keep running and a family to take care of, Dave begins to realize that in spite of his undying love for the way cars used to be built, they simply aren't a viable business option for his shop unless he were to drop everything else and just work on classics. With all of the amazing cars that Dave gets to service. Clearly, that's not a sacrifice worth making.

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