Car Thief Comes to Court in Stolen Car

Some people out there have really got nerve! This is why laws need to be extremely harsh on repeat offenders. The news today comes from San Anselmo, California, where some guy really had the audacity to commit the same infraction twice. Not only did he do a repeat offense, but he did it while on his way to court, to settle the first infraction!

That's like being caught with your hand in the cookie jar twice. A 37-year old dude from the aforementioned city decided that a $125,000 Porsche Carrera would look much better in his driveway and so he nicked it as soon as he laid eye on it.

Since there aren't that many Carreras around, the car was quickly spotted by police and the thief apprehended. He was charged with car theft and promptly sent to court for the trial. That was this Monday and the ballsy car thief, who was probably not the sharpest tool in the shed, decided to show up in a brand new car, stolen of course.

This time it was a Lexus SUV which the car thief had no trouble leaving in front of the courthouse. While his case was being heard, policemen became interested in the vehicle when they saw a couple of Yorkshire terriers mulling inside. They caught the man as he was coming out of the courthouse, keys in hand.

Not only did they charge him on animal cruelty but he also got the book thrown at him for another car theft. Classy! Oh, and by the way, remember that first case he was convicted in, the one with the Porsche? He was convicted in that case too. Not his lucky day, but then again, he pushed his luck a bit too much anyway.
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