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Car Rolls Down a Hill in Russia - Save Comes at the Last Moment!

If you ever need a workout, but can’t really motivate yourself to go to the gym, just push your own car off the hill, then try and catch it before it hits anything. Being your own car, it will be motivation enough and it will make you run like you never have before.
Apparently, this is the game played by a few Russian guys, as a Lada rolls down a hill at about average running speed, with at least four people chasing after it - one should be the owner, but then again, being Russia, it may very well not be. However, the ‘game’ was completed successfully this time, as one of the men chasing the car jumped inside and steered it to safety at the last second, narrowly missing another car which was going up the hill.

There’s a simple lesson to be learnt here: never forget your handbrake, regardless of whether you know there’s an incline or not - just pull it (or push it if you have a newer car with a button-operated handbrake), as it doesn’t take much effort and it just is safer that way.


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