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Car Graveyard Hidden From Civilization Is Home to a Few Unexpected Gems

While some junkyards hide unexpected treasures in the form of rare and desirable classics, most graveyards are usually packed with mundane vehicles. The one you're about to see below is loaded with common cars that no one cares about, but it's also home to a few vehicles you wouldn't expect to find in such a place.
car junkyard hidden from civilization 7 photos
car graveyard hidden from civilizationcar graveyard hidden from civilizationcar graveyard hidden from civilizationcar graveyard hidden from civilizationcar graveyard hidden from civilizationcar graveyard hidden from civilization
Documented by YouTube's "The Bearded Explorer," this Graveyard is located somewhere in the United Kingdom. Its exact location remains a mystery, but it seems fitting since the property is overgrown with vegetation and pretty much hidden from civilization.

If you're here for Chevrolet Impalas and Ford Mustangs, you'll be disappointed. This graveyard is mostly about British and European cars, as well as a long list of tractors, bikes, and vans.

Most of them are mundane, to say the least, and won't go anywhere anytime soon. Because no one is really interested in saving Land Rovers and vans from the 1990s. But look close enough and you'll spot a few gems, starting with a second-generation Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Sadly, this once great hot-hatchback is nothing more than a wreck now. And on top of the dented fenders and broken windows, it's also covered in moss and leaves. I'm pretty sure it's too far gone to restore, especially if you're planning on getting your investment back with a sale.

There's also a second-generation Ford Fiesta nearby. It's not a beefed-up factory model (there was no ST version in the 1980s), but it has a roll cage. It's difficult to tell with all the branches around it, but it's probably a race-spec conversion of some kind.

But things get even better as the explorers move deeper into the forgotten car jungle. Because they stumble onto a pair of Nissan 200SX coupes of the S13 variety. Built from 1988 to 1994, it was known as the 240SX in North America. Again, the massive vegetation makes a closer inspection impossible, but they seem to be in better shape than the Golf GTI.

But the biggest surprise comes at the end when we see a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV sitting next to a building. The fourth-gen Evo was made from 1996 to 1998 and it's not exactly a classic, but it's still sad to see a fun car like this wasting away.

It's still in one piece and it still has the massive wing atop its trunk, but it's been sitting for a very long time. Perhaps way too long to run again with a lot of work. Is the Lancer worth saving? What about the two Nissans? Let me know in the comments.

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