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Car Brands Crossover Concepts Are the Reason Alternate Realities Should Exist

The modern auto industry is all about different car brands coming together to share technology, know-how and even markets. Sharing is caring in this industry as well, it seems, as there’s little chance of making money without cutting cost through collaboration.
BMW-Lamborghini crossover 7 photos
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That said, there is one thing rival carmakers will never share: design. Sure, it’s easy to use the same platform to underpin models from different brands, it’s ok even to get inspiration when drawing this or that line of a new car, but never have we seen carmakers sharing that special design cue that makes their car unique.

But what if we lived in an alternate reality where such things are permitted? One where Bentley would team up with Ferrari or smart with Range Rover? What kind of cars would we have on the roads?

These questions were answered this week by Budget Direct, an Australia-based insurance company. And even if car renderings are not exactly their main area of expertise, the six car brands crossover concepts they came up with are visually insane.

We’ll start with the least unlikely of them, the Volkswagen-Ford hatchback. Why least unlikely? Because for a while now both these carmakers have been rumored to look into ways to tie the knot. And even if surely this is not what they had in mind, how about a Focus - Beetle baby?

Then, how about getting one of the smallest cars in the world in the same room with one of the largest? What if smart met up with Range Rover and do whatever it is cars do when left alone in the dark? Would something like this come up, a Velar with smart looks and size?

But how about in the U.S.? What if somebody convinced FCA and GM to join hands and together paint on the same canvas a Dodge Viper and Challenger SRT with a Corvette? Would something like this thing pictured here come to life at the end of the hands-holding process?

An intercontinental hit would be the Nissan - Porsche crossover. Porsche would chip in its iconic 911, mix it up with the Japanese GT-R and take over this alternate reality's sports car market.

In a BMWLamborghini family, how would the child look like? Would it take more after its German or Italian parent? Budget Direct seems to thing Lambo’s genes would prevail, and the overall look of the car would be something like this. Of course, this car’s mouth, the kidney grille, speaks a lot about its other parent as well.

Last, but perhaps the most intriguing, is the Bentley – Ferrari mashup. Showing the lines of a Continental GT mixed with the beauty of an 812 Superfast, this car is the one that makes us wish this alternate reality did exist.

None of the concepts shown above have names, so our challenge to you is to help us find the best words that would describe them. If you accept our challenge, feel free to post your ideas in the comments section below.


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