Car Accident Crashes the Party Snoop Dogg’s Cousin Ray J Threw for His Puppy

A Car Accident Crashes Snoop Dogg’s Cousin Ray J’s Party He Threw for His Dog 1 photo
Photo: TMZ
They say German is among the languages that have these long words. If we were to play around with grammar, I’d call this title a German word. Sorry, folks, but we had to use it to point out the absurdity of the situation. Yes, Snoop Dogg has a cousin that loves dogs. Ray J on his stage name, the rapper recently threw a party for his dog. However, the bash was crushed by an SUV that clipped a C7 Corvette.
Ever since Snoop Dogg starred in Bow Wow’s video, I must admit I’ve been wondering what’s with all the dogs. It turns out the rapper is a great puppy person, and we have no problem with that. If you thought it was just an odd coincidence, you'd want to know the canine factor runs in the family.

William Ray Norwood, Jr. is a 34-year-old singer best known for being the first cousin of the famous rapper. Apparently, he is also a successful gentleman who has an emotional side when it comes to man’s best friend. So big is his love for dogs, he just threw a $30,000 worth party for his Maltese puppy, Boogotti. In other words, Snoop Dogg’s cousin just threw a dog party.

Naturally, like any other of them rich rappers, this party was evidently loaded with celebrities that drive high-class. So as "poor" Ray J would park his Ferrari and gently welcome his guests, some guy figured that parked black C7 will not be needing two doors anymore, so he clipped it. As TMZ reports, the “driver’s door ... of the $80,000 machine ... was almost torn off by the passing SUV!”

Happily there was no grudge after the little car incident. In fact, Ray J even took a proper selfie with the fellow towing the American sportscar. Because, let’s face it: dogs will be dogs.
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