Captain Lousy Driver Almost Capsizes His Pontoon Boat in a Right-Hand Turn

When you spend too much time out on the sea, you forget what life is like back on solid ground. It's not just the feeling of a surface that doesn't shift its position all the time, it's also how vehicles that travel on land have certain limitations regarding where they can and can't go.
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The captain of a ship could use this excuse to justify any possible blunder he might make while driving a car, but we doubt that the owner of a pontoon boat has ever taken it out on the open seas. They're much more likely to spend their lives on smaller bodies of water, taking tourists fishing or sightseeing - or simply serving as a personal recreational vehicle.

That means that Captain Lousy Driver here hasn't been "at sea" for more than a few hours. Chances are he hasn't forgotten anything, he just never got to learn how to drive all that well. Either that or it's one of the first times he's ever had a trailer attached to a vehicle, in which case maybe he should have started with something a bit smaller.

Not that the trailer isn't small enough. It's so tiny you can hardly see it from under the pontoon boat's floaters. It's also placed way back which might give it more stability on its longitudinal axis, but it also means the driver should navigate (see what I did there?) every turn a lot wider than he normally would. His rig is almost like a semi truck in this configuration, and driving one of those sure isn't for anybody.

Especially not when you've pulled out in front of a car, and you're in a hurry to try and make up for your mistake. Fortunately for Captain LD, the boat can't physically tip over without the help of some serious lateral g's. The funny part is that when the clip ends, he's just about to negotiate another right-hand turn, and judging by how he's approaching it, it's going to be another close call. But since the video ends there, we'll assume he made it through alright.

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