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Captain America Needs New Braces, Definitely a New Ride Too

What’s your favorite superhero? If you can answer that question with a straight face, then congratulations, because you’re still young, or young at heart at least.
Jeep Wrangler Captain America 6 photos
Jeep Wrangler Captain AmericaJeep Wrangler Captain AmericaJeep Wrangler Captain AmericaJeep Wrangler Captain AmericaJeep Wrangler Captain America
Now, you don’t have to be into DC Comics or Marvel to know what this person’s favorite superhero is, because it’s right there, in your face.

From the shield-like spare wheel cover to the wings mounted on the roof, and the decals on the doors, to name but some, everything screams Captain America. Well, that and probably an acne problem, weird hobbies, an internet browsing history that no one wants to see, and a cozy bed/couch in their parents’ basement.

An American flag sits at the back, and two jerrycans flank the spare wheel. Fake ammo boxes were attached to the rear quarter panels, with springs linking them to the roof rack. An axe was apparently a must for the owner of this 4x4, who thought fit to add one on top of the right wheel arch. The right side of the tailgate is home to a small shovel, and it doesn’t end here.

The closer you look, the weirder it gets, as it also has some custom side skirts, and lots of red touches, from the rear bumper to the taillight covers, door handles, hinges, wheels, and other parts. Many decals were applied to the silver body and windows, including fake bullet holes, because every vehicle needs to have them, in a parallel (DC) universe.

Partially visible in the picture shared on Reddit, taken in front of a Dentistry & Orthodontics center for kids, hence the reference in the title, the license plate reads ‘CAP’, for obvious reasons. Elsewhere, this once fine Jeep Wrangler has a few mods that we can totally understand, like the jacked-up ground clearance and chunky rubber wrapped around the small alloys.


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