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Candela’s Newest High-Performance Electric Boat Flies Above Water for the First Time

Swedish company Candela has quickly become one of the top names in electric boating, after the launch of the world’s first foiling electric boat, in 2018. The Candela C-7 has won numerous awards in the meantime, but the C-8 is gearing up to take that performance even further. The manufacturer’s newest model, the C-8, has just passed its first official test out at sea with flying colors.
The Candela C-8 successfully flew for the first time 8 photos
Candela C-8Candela C-8Candela C-8Candela C-8Candela C-8Candela C-8Candela C-8
The new C-8 is a long-range all-electric watercraft that was designed to become the most efficient, silent boat ever built. The 27.8-foot-long (8.5 meters) vessel can hit an impressive speed of 30 knots (34.5 mph/55.5 kph), but its range is even more outstanding, boasting more than 50 nautical miles (57.5 miles/92 km) at a cruising speed of 24 knots (27.6 mph/44 kph). According to the Swedish builder, this is four times longer than what the best current electric boats can offer. As an example, the C-8 can cross the entire San Francisco Bay on a single charge.

This performance is owed to the craft’s design, materials, and cutting-edge equipment. The lightweight carbon fiber hull was inspired by aircraft design, and its electric hydrofoil system, automatically controlled, ensures a stable, pleasant ride and maximum efficiency. Its motor, the C-POD, claims to be not only the most efficient boat motor ever but also the most durable one – it’s meant to last a lifetime, with zero maintenance required.

The C-8 also integrates advanced avionics, using several sensors for measuring the vessel’s speed and acceleration. Plus, driving this electric boat is supposed to be comparable to being inside a racing car, thanks to the instant-feedback, fly-by-wire steering.

The boat’s interior is no less impressive. It can sleep a small family of four, and its deluxe features include a premium sound system. The boat can be delivered as an open day cruiser or a sheltered hardtop with a retractable sunroof. It can also be further customized, with pricing starting at $330,000 (€290,000).

Although already available for pre-order, the C-8 is now even closer to serial production. It recently flew above the water for the first time, outside the manufacturer’s headquarters in Stockholm. This comes after more than a year of development and will be followed by several other flight tests.


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