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Candela's New Electric Boat Is Like a Ninja on the Water, Starts at Half a Million Dollars

In 2019, Swedish manufacturer Candela introduced the world to its C-7 boat, dubbing it the world’s first foiling electric boat. That model is now an icon that won multiple awards and also took part in the SailGP sailing competition. It was followed by an even more capable watercraft, the C-8, which makes you feel like you’re driving a racing car rather than steering a vessel. Now the company just unveiled another model, the P-8 Voyager, designed to take commercial water transportation to a new level.
Candela P-8 Voyager Electric Boat 8 photos
Candela P-8 VoyagerCandela P-8 VoyagerCandela P-8 VoyagerCandela P-8 VoyagerCandela P-8 VoyagerCandela P-8 VoyagerCandela P-8 Voyager
The P-8 Voyager was recently unveiled in Venice, Italy, which wasn’t a randomly selected location, given that the P-8 is advertised as being almost completely silent and engineered in a way that makes it leave no trace behind it. What that means is that the electric boat can serve as a great water taxi option in areas that are sensitive to boat wakes such as the urban canals in Venice. In fact, Candela claims that the wake left by its P-8 is no larger than that of a gondola.

With the new Voyager being able to cruise without disturbing the waters, the electric boat is perfect for passenger transportation, ensuring a better experience and taking comfort at sea to new levels. And it owes it all to its hydrofoils.

The boat has a capacity of six guests and two crew members, and depending on how you choose to configure the vessel, can come with air conditioning or heating. It can also offer an open-yacht vibe during hot summers, with its sunroof sliding back.

In addition to being comfortable and silent, the new P-8 can also achieve ranges that are four times longer than what the best electric boats currently on the market are capable of, according to Candela. The Voyager can travel for more than 50 nautical miles (92 km) per charge when cruising at a speed of 22 knots (25 mph/40 kph).

Thanks to its retractable C-Foil system, the P-8 Voyager can also be used as a conventional boat when foiling is not possible due to bad weather conditions.

Candela’s new electric boat is now available to preorder. The P-8 Voyager starts at a whopping €450,000 (around $485,000).

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