Canadian Province Saskatchewan Could Make Motorcycle Gear Mandatory

Canadian Province Saskatchewan Could Make Motorcycle Gear Mandatory 1 photo
In an effort to reduce the costs of the state-run SGI insurance agency, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan might try to make riding gear mandatory.
While we could understand that the state is trying to cover leaks by bringing money from other operations or by finding ways to take more money from the tax payers, making riding with full gear mandatory is outrageous and will most likely cause an uproar.

For starters, such a regulation collides with individual freedom. We don't need any excuses and promises form any state, as the past history has proved that some "lucky" manufacturers will be favored... forcing road users to buy their products, and this is bad. Very bad. It happened all over the world and we don't believe anything the state says in this matter.

Secondly, there already are groups which oppose wearing a helmet and deliberately fail to see that helmets save lives. Does Saskatchewan believe they will just sit on their behinds with the ATGATT mandatory? No, they won't!

Third, this is pure discrimination: why should a rider be forced to spend money on gear, even if he or she rides during the fair weather weekends only? Because a drunk driver or speeding 17 y.o. idiot could cause a crash... and the state does not want to pay for the injuries the rider sustained without being guilty in any way?

No sir, Canadians should oppose such cap with all the power they can muster. Sorry for the state, but the bike community will not tolerate being treated like crap each time the white-collars need more money! We're already preparing a ranting editorial for tomorrow, so watch this space.
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