Canadian Man Pulls Electric Car On Foot for 475km / 295miles

Despite driving one of the most efficient vehicles on the road today, and doing so without hurting a single leaf or blade of grass, Canadian Marcelo da Luz, the designer and builder of his very own solar-powered car, is pulling his creation for the last leg of his "World distance record for a solar car powered only by the sun" journey.
Marcelo has covered around 36,000km (22,000 miles) so far in his very streamlined vehicle, having reached the Arctic Circle (for the second time), and becoming the first solar powered car to do so. Strangely, he has decided to literally pull his car by hand and on foot, for the final leg of his journey of 475Km (295miles), in his (extremely admirable) initiative called “Pull for the Environment”. His 28 day journey will end today, at around 12:00PM (UTC/GMT -5) when he is expected to arrive in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, still pulling his 250kg EV along with him.

Such a feat which takes dedication, and genuine physical hard work, is hard to come by nowadays, so we need to look at Mr. da Luz and genuinely admire him for his amazing dedication in protecting the environment - Bravo! He should be the guy kids look up to, not all those made-up 'stars' you see on TV. And speaking of 'stars', let's just hope that no Hollywood director hears of this story, as we might end up with some cliché movie 'about one man and his dedication to being green - inspired by a true story', starring Tom Hanks.

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