Canadian Government Goes Electric, Drops Limousines for EVs

The best way to lead is by example, the old saying goes, and while there are plenty of ridiculous ideas passed on as pieces of wisdom out there, this is definitely not one of them.
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If the government keeps telling us we should buy electric cars, and yet the state officials are still driven around in large, black limousines with internal combustion engines under the hood, we have every right to be reluctant. The incentives they throw at us for purchasing EVs are useful, but if you're the paranoid type, they can also be viewed as suspicious.

On the other hand, EVs are still on the expensive side, so a lot of people could consider spending public funds of electric vehicles for the men of the State to breeze around town plain wasteful. However, there is no middle ground here (well, there are the plug-in hybrids, I guess, but they don't offer the best of both worlds, but rather the worst of them), so a decision has to be made. If you're in charge, you either stick to suck, squeeze, bang, blow, or you go for the blissful electric whir.

It's easy to dismiss this as a false problem, when more important issues should be on the Prime Minister's agenda, but that's not entirely true. Climate change is a real threat and even though it's well-known that passenger cars only account for a small fraction, we're at a point where every little bit counts. And if a relatively small investment in a fleet of electric cars for the state officials will convince more people to give EVs a go, then it could prove a useful idea.

Of course, it's even better if it's doubled by a more widespread investment in developing the infrastructure, because ultimately that's what will convince people to give electricity a chance. And that's exactly what Canada plans on doing, if its recently published budget is to be trusted. The sum is relatively small - $14 million for the first year and a significant increase to $49 million for the second - but it will go into building new charging stations for EVs, as well as natural gas and hydrogen refueling stations.

Additionally, businesses will be encouraged (with tax exemptions) to install electric vehicle charging stations where possible, as well as energy storage devices. Unfortunately, probably due to the considerable budget deficit (approximately $29 billion for the next two years), there is no program for financial incentives when buying EVs.

Well, it's not much, but it's a plan. And as a symbolic gesture, Justin Trudeau's Bureau announced it will be replacing its limousines with electric vehicles. It remains to be seen whether they'll be Mitsubishi iMIEVs or Tesla Model Xs.
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