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Canadian Driver Fixed His Suspension With Wooden Logs, Police Isn't Impressed

Fixing your car without help from anyone else can be a satisfying experience if you know what to do, but it can become a menace to yourself and others if improvisations are involved.
Wooden log and chicken wire used to hold rear suspension on a Toyota Tercel 1 photo
A 28-year-old driver was pulled over last Sunday near Quebec, Canada, by the MRC des Collines Police. It was supposed to be a regular traffic stop for a vehicle that did not have operating brake lights. The driver’s problems had just begun, as he could not provide proof of insurance.

Police officers noticed that there was an open beer in the front seat, and proceeded to a further inspection of the 1999 Toyota Tercel. Apparently, three of its four tires had signs of advanced wear, which included bald spots.

Somehow, the curiosity of the officers went further, and they discover that the Tercel did not have windshield wipers. The most startling fact was unearthed at its rear suspension, which was held in place with wooden logs and chicken wire.

Surprisingly, the driver passed a sobriety test, but he was fined for the open alcohol container, along with the numerous safety infractions that his vehicle presented.

Failing to have insurance did not help the circumstances, and he got a ticket for that, as well, along with a bill for the towing of his car to the impound lot, Ottawa Citizen notes.

We do not think that this driver will try to get his car back, because it will have to pass a safety examination before it is approved to drive on Canadian roads.

If you look at the problems found by the officers, the repair bill for them alone will probably exceed the value of the automobile.

While fixing your suspension with a log might work if you are stuck in the woods, and face the possibility of becoming dinner for bears or wolves, the fix is not adequate for the open road.

Driving a car with improvisations like these is irresponsible, to say the least, and opening a beer while you are at it will not improve anything in your life.


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