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Canada to Land Its First Rover on the Moon by 2026

Space exploration started with the launch of the first human-made object into orbit in 1957 and the first lunar landing in 1969. Since then, different nations have sent astronauts in space and spacecraft to explore the solar system. Canada is also planning to enter the space exploration race, having just announced that it will send a rover to the Moon by 2026.
CSA is aiming to put a rover on the moon within the next five years 1 photo
Last year, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) signed an agreement with NASA to provide a next-generation autonomous robotic system that will perform tasks around the Moon without human intervention.

This robotic arm, dubbed Canadarm3, was created to stay in space permanently on board Gateway, a planned small space station in lunar orbit that will serve as a solar-powered communication hub and will facilitate human exploration of the Moon.

Canada received two future crewed space flight opportunities in exchange for its contribution to the Gateway initiative. This includes a trip to the Moon as part of the Artemis II mission, which will be the first crewed mission to return astronauts to the lunar surface since Apollo 17.

Closer to our days, on May 26th, CSA announced that it will team up with NASA once again to send its first rover to the Moon within the next five years. The agency intends to choose two Canadian companies to design concepts for the rover and science instruments for the mission.

According to CSA, the Canadian government has invested more than $36 million since early 2020 in preparing for future space travel. If the mission proves to be successful, Canada will be the fourth country to land a rover on our natural satellite. To date, only three countries have had operating rovers on the Moon: the Soviet Union, the United States, and China. India has tried, but it failed, while Japan and Greece currently have planned missions.

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