Can Somebody Be Any More Stupid than This Guy Leaving an Angry Note on a Car?

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Angry noteAngry note
Rage can get the better of us, bringing out the kind of behavior we never thought we were capable of or making us forget everything about grammar, as this note right here clearly proves.
For some reason, traffic-related incidents have the power to enrage us more than anything, even though in reality they probably have the tiniest incidence over our lives. Did the doctor send you the wrong diagnostic, telling you’ve got cancer when in fact it’s just a mild cold? That’s alright, but look at this asshole cutting me off like I wasn’t even there. Oh, I’m gonna teach him a lesson he won’t forget soon. After all, I’ve got cancer, so what have I got to lose?

Things get blown out of proportion very easily, and in a world where there are studies about the Moon’s influence on the women’s choice of color for their fingernails, solving this matter has somehow gone unnoticed. But, as this case proves once again, the main thing to remember is this: whatever your first reaction is, don’t do it. Try to sleep on it and come up with a more satisfactory solution than equal retaliation.

OK, so what we’re looking at here is a classic case of “buddy, your car is getting on my nerves, so you better move it from here.” We only have one side of the story, so we’re going to take the man’s word for it when he says he only had the car parked there for a few days, and that there are no assigned parking spaces, so his vehicle wasn’t taking anybody’s spot.

One day, though, imgur user hgrunt002 came out of his house to find the tires of his car deflated and this note on his windshield. It read “Place move car!! Your car STOP HERE SINCE FEB 2 2016 TO NOW!!!” You have to admire the way the author escalates the tension with the use of an increasing number of exclamation marks. He also shows a very personal approach towards the use of capital letters while also proving how important it is to build a very exact time reference by stating the year too. He also doesn’t directly accuse the owner of doing anything wrong, placing most of the guilt on the car itself. As for the opening sentence, we just don’t know... Mistaking “please” for “place” is one thing, but intending to say “please” AFTER (now that’s how you use capitals) you’ve deflated the man’s tires shows a clear logic deficit.

You might think this note was written by a dyslexic five-year-old who was upset about having to go around the car with his tricycle or something, but as our man hgrun002 turned the page over, it all became very clear.

The genius who wrote this used a printed piece of paper (bravo for applying one of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) that contained a signed letter. The letter was addressed to one of his teachers asking to change his grade from “D” to “A.” Reading it also reveals the same thing that the note on the other side showed: English isn’t this man’s first language.

Hgrunt002 was kind enough to hide the man’s real name, but he says he did get his revenge eventually. He went to his car parked in front of their house in the middle of the night (1:30 AM) with “one of those loud tiny air compressors.” That’s passive-aggressiveness taken to perfection.
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