Can-Am Shows the New Outlander 6x6 XT

Can-Am announces its all-new 6WD machines line-up, the Outlander 6x6 XT, available in 1000cc and 650cc-class flavors. Both UTVs will be powered by liquid-cooled 8-valve v-twin engines, with Siemens VDO injection systems and electric start, and will be sharing the CVT gearboxes.
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2014 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 XT2014 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 XT2014 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 XT2014 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 XT2014 Can-Am Outlander 6x6 XT
Alongside the usual high, low, park, neutral and reverse options, the transmission of these 6WD beasts will also feature an extra low gear for even more versatility in exceedingly tough conditions or when it’s time for hauling heavy loads. The Outlander 6x6 XT offers both 4x6 and 6x6 operation, with the 4WD involving all the four rear wheels.

Front suspension uses a double A-arm architecture, while Can-Am chose the Double Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTI2) system for the rear. Braking power comes from four 214mm ventilated rotors with hydraulic 2-pot calipers for both front and rear. The 12” cast aluminium wheels are show with Carlisle ACT Radial tires, while the articulation of the two rear axles can be altered with a quick-release sway bar for even more convenience and easy, on-the-fly adjustability. Tri-mode dynamic power steering is standard equipment, but the winch is optional (prewired).

The tilt bed can carry 700 lb (319 kg) loads, while front rack can accommodate 100 lb (45 kg). The towing capacity is however impressive, with the 6X6 Outlander being able to haul 1,650 lb (750 kg) loads. The digital dash provides quite a comprehensive range of information: speedometer, tachometer (bar graph RPM, bottom bar numerical RPM), odometer, trip & hour meters, diagnostic center, gear position, engine hour meter, 6 x 6 indicator, temperature and engine lights, fuel gauge, clock, and an auto shut off function, as well.

Both machines appear to share the same 1,135 lb (515 kg) weight. The 650cc Outlander 6x6 XT is available in silver, while the liter-class Rotax-powered machine is delivered in the classic Can-Am yellow and a camouflage livery. The price of the small one starts at $13,649 (€10,095), while the base price of the 1000cc version is $15,549 (€11,500) and $16,049 (€11,870) for the yellow and camo versions, respectively.

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