Campervan DIY Edition Needs Gasoline and a Lit Match to Look Better

We have probably gotten you used to some very fine motorhomes by now, didn’t we? After all, our dedicated section features some builds that we wouldn’t mind owning, like the Oasi 540 or EarthRoamer HD.
Chevy Campervan 6 photos
Photo: Reddit | Dr_Zol_Epstein_III
Chevy CampervanChevy CampervanChevy CampervanChevy CampervanChevy Campervan
However, there is always an opposite end of the spectrum to pretty much everything, and that is where this particular thing lies. We have to call it a campervan, because that’s what it is in essence, though it did start life as a third generation Chevrolet Van at one point, between 1970 and 1996.

In the meantime, its owner decided that it needs a complete overhaul, so using a lot of scrapped wood and other such stuff, they set out to modify it. Either that, or the original metal was stripped off, and this is what it looks like beneath the skin.

Questionable is a very light word when describing the end result that was shared on Reddit recently, dug up from the bowels of the internet, because the build quality alone would make anyone pull their hair and pop the ‘why’ question.

At this point, we’re quite convinced that not even bears would dare touch this home away from home, no matter how much food it has stored inside overnight. It can be left with the engine running in most parts of the world, and likely no one would steal it, unless their life depended on it, and even the police would perhaps scratch their heads upon seeing it.

On a sadder note, this could be someone’s permanent home. If that’s the case, then we do apologize and suggest getting a tent instead, because it would be more weather-proof, not to mention that it would look way better and draw less attention.

That said, what do you think the story behind this very sad campervan is?
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